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16 Aug 0

Time for an upgrade?

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The age of your mattress could affect the quality of sleep you enjoy...

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21 Feb 0

The Beauty of a Goodnight's Rest

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For many of us, the concept of beauty sleep might seem like a marketing ploy or just like a plain myth. Because if we’re being honest we’d possibly make a baby or two cry if we left the house without primping a bit. Nonetheless, researchers have found that getting eight hours of z’s will not only improve your well-being but also your appearance. 

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09 May 0

Sleeping Healthy with Dynamic Bedding

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Quality of life is determined by many factors, a person’s ability to sleep well being of the most important. With ever increasing stress levels the need for rest is vital for a healthy lifestyle and one’s choice of bed is key towards achieving this.

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18 Jan 0

Sleep 101

Written By: admin Published In: Hits: 1917

A crash course on the subject of sleep...

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09 Dec 0

Sexy Sleep

Written By: admin Published In: Hits: 2234

Over the years, there have been countless studies trying to determine which mattresses are best for sleep comfort. But what about a study that looks into the performance of your mattress as it pertains to all of its important uses…including intimacy?

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12 Jul 0

Scary bugs in your bed – are they keeping you awake?

Written By: admin Published In: Hits: 1988

Do you wake-up in the middle of the night wondering if there’s anything creeping and crawling in your mattress? Do visions of monster bugs crawling out of your mattress keep you tossing and turning?

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