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10 Sep 0

Time to Spring for a New Bed at The Bed Shop

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According to our calendar and everyone else living in the Southern Hemisphere, the big clean commences on Saturday the 1st of September. Spring cleaning might seem might seem like a tedious and unnecessary chore, but there are real benefits to embracing a bit of Spring sprucing, like say better health! In winter our homes stay closed-up and becomes a breeding ground for dust, bacteria and mould. 

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07 Nov 0

How to Choose the Right Mattress

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Let’s be real, mattress shopping is confusing. On the surface, they all look the same – square, white and bouncy. So, how do you choose and how much do you really need to spend? At The Bed Shop we understand how overwhelming bed shopping can be. To help you suss it out, we’ve compiled a few handy tips to make the process less stressful. 

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