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A First for the Mattress and Bedding Market

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Dynamic Bedding Leads the Way

‘They just don’t make it like they used to’ is an adage we hear often, and it’s applicable to many things consumers buy today. Most household items only last as long as a cellphone contract before it has to be replaced and consumers end up spending hard earned money on repurchasing items that should be adding to their quality of life instead of causing frustration. 

The Dynamic Bedding Group is a trusted manufacturer and supplier of quality mattresses for more than 20 years now and has decided to offer their customers an extended 2-year warranty option – because they make them even better than they used to. 

The Dynamic Bedding Group manufactures mattresses and base sets at exceptional quality and affordable prices because they believe that every South African deserves to experience the benefits of a good night’s sleep. When a customer purchases a new bed from The Bed Shop, an exclusive supplier of Dynamic Bedding mattresses, they’ll be offered the extended warranty when they also purchase a Dynamic Mattress Protector. “Our extended warranty offer is a market first in South African and we believe that by doing this we can further extend the lifespan of the mattresses we manufacture and the quality of sleep our customers receive,” says Jade Cole, COO. 

Mattress protectors are often considered an unnecessary extra when purchasing a new mattress. However, a good quality mattress is an investment in your health and everything should be done to protect such an investment. Mattress protectors not only safeguards your mattress from stains and spills that voids the manufacturing warranty but also benefits your health. The added layer will prevent exposure to dust mites, moisture and dead skin that can cause irritation and allergies. 

Mattresses unfortunately, do not last forever, no matter how well they’re made, and should be replaced every 7 to 10 years. Here are a few signs that may indicate it’s time for a new mattress:

1.    You wake-up with more aches and pains than when you went to bed

2.    Your mattress shows visible signs of sagging, sinking and springs sticking out

3.    You wake-up feeling tired 

4.    Your mattress smells funny

5.    When you feel more rested after waking up in a different bed

Dynamic Bedding manufactures and supplies a wide range of affordable quality mattresses that are made to the best international specifications. The Bed Shop was established after a demand in the market for a local and dedicated manufacturer in the retail bedding industry was identified. The first store opened in Bloemfontein in 1994 and today, with a network of more than 100 outlets, Dynamic Bedding (Pty) Ltd is the largest specialist bed manufacturer and exclusive supplier to The Bed Shop in Southern Africa.

T&C’s apply to our Extended Warranty offer. Please enquire instore for further details.