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Glamping Your Way to Happiness

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There is something to be said about the effectiveness of trading in the soot and noise of the big city for powder blue skies and the unrehearsed, yet melodic, symphony of nature’s sounds. When you set up camp with no one in sight and no devices connected to the outside world to grab your attention. 

Disconnecting your line, even if it’s only temporarily, and cancelling your subscription to the everyday drama on social media can be good for you. Studies have shown that taking a break from screens can calm feelings of anxiety and improve your sleep. While another study suggests that waking up with the sun and going to bed with the moon can also benefit your sleeping habits and improve your natural circadian rhythm for a better night’s rest. 

Yet, when we do escape to nature, there are a few creature comforts that you need not leave behind. Enter ‘glamping’ – the fairly new coined concept that provides us with all the advantages that camping offers with a side serving of comfort. It is the melding of glamour and camping, and not just in a word sense. It allows anyone who wishes to reap the benefits of camping, but are weary to give up ‘simple’ luxuries the opportunity to do so. 

Here are 4 of the best ways to glamp-up your next caravan-trip:

1. Solar lights:
While candles can certainly set the mood, there’s always the fear of someone accidentally knocking one over and starting a fire. Solar lights are energy efficient, environmentally friendly and creates a soft (or romantic if that’s what you’re going for) atmosphere. Invest in solar fairy lights and jar lights, to set the scene. You’ll also never have to worry about packing batteries! 

2. A real bed:
There’s nothing worse than waking up in the middle of night realising that your air bed has been transformed into a flat bed and you are now essentially sleeping on the ‘ground’. The Bed Shop manufactures tailor-made beds effectively and efficiently to suit all your camping and caravanning needs. Choose from a foam core to a spring mattress or even a combination of the two. The Bed Shop even offers a selection of finishing materials to give your mattress an added luxurious feeling – from Bamboo to Tencel and Aloe Vera the choice is yours. 

3. Good bed linen:
Leave the tatty sleeping bag at home. Good bed linen really adds to that glamourous feeling when you’re camping. Throw in a decent duvet and good pillows and you’ll be drifting towards a five-star sleep experience in no time. 

4. Glassware:
Tempered glass is a small science wonder and thankfully they’ve thought to apply it to wineglasses. Instead of slurping up your rosé from a plastic sippy cup you can now sip it from a real wine glass without worrying about fishing for glass if it accidentally falls. 

In his essay ‘Nature’ Ralph Waldo Emmerson said: “In the presence of nature, a wild delight runs through the man, in spite of real sorrows.” Do not miss out on these delights and the benefits that some time in nature offers because you thought ‘camping’ could not be glamourous.