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How to get your guest room ready

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Having guests over? Just the sheer thought of a house filled with people can send shivers down one's spine, and often it means that you have to ‘work’ while everyone is relaxing. That sounds like SO much fun… said no one ever. 

Seeing as you’re in the business of hospitality, even if it’s just for the weekend, you should take a few tips from hotels on how to get your guest room ready. We’re going with the logic that if they sleep well they’ll have less to complain about and stay in bed longer, which should give you some breathing space and time to do your own thing.  

Here are the top tips on getting your guest room ready according to The Bed Shop: 

1. Back to basics
Give your guest room bed a test drive. If you wake up feeling stiff and tired, chances are your guests will too and that’s not the kind memories you’d like them to have from their stay. This means it might be time to consider a new mattress. The Bed Shop’s Gel Memory Foam outer layer in their Dynamic Orthopeadic Deluxe Bedsadds extra comfort by conforming to your unique body shape while providing a gentle cooling sensation. You’ll guest will feel like their floating on clouds and thank you for it. 

2. Protect a bed
We know your secret and we won’t tell… the guest room bed is your old bed. Or at least that’s what your planning on doing. Unless there’s someone using the bed full time, your secret is safe with us. But that doesn’t mean that you should let it get dirty or stained. Your house guests will probably drink coffee in bed or even sneak in some food for a midnight snack. Protect your mattress, whether it’s new or old, with a mattress protector. It’s also easier to throw in the wash than trying to get the stains out later. 

3. Create a halo-effect
Hotel groups have spent millions of dollars on research to find out what makes a bed irresistible. Turns out it’s the (mostly) all white bedding. Crisp white bed linen creates a halo effect that draw guests in. Forego the overly patterned duvet cover and pillows and throw and whatever else you were thinking of putting on there. Keep it simple and uncluttered. 

4. Less is more
Back away from the scatter cushions. Your guests do not need six scatter cushions to feel welcome. For one it will make the bed seem like a lot of work and possibly deter them from considering going to bed or making it in the morning. If you have it use it, though maybe not all 10 of them, but don’t go out and buy the ones you really want for your own bedroom. They’re probably just going to throw them on the floor in a pile anyway. Rather spend a bit more money making sure your guest room has good linen. A bed-side lamp and a few essential toiletries.

5. Fresh is fresh
Okay now this is one thing you can spend a bit of money on. Fresh flowers or anything green will add a touch of luxury to a room. If you don’t want to buy flowers, then opt for an interesting houseplant that you can move to somewhere else in the house once the guests leave. Fresh flowers or plants instantly adds a pop of colour to a room and says that you’ve put some thought into making them feel welcome. 

6. Puff up the pillows
Old mattress we get, old pillows we don’t. Old pillows are a breeding ground for dust-mites and allergies. Some scientists contend that you should replace cushions every six months, while others say every year to two years. If it’s guest bedroom you probably have a bit of time on your side, but it is important to check with your guests on whether they have a feather pillow allergy before going out and buying new ones. 

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