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Scary bugs in your bed – are they keeping you awake?

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Do you wake-up in the middle of the night wondering if there’s anything creeping and crawling in your mattress? Do visions of monster bugs crawling out of your mattress keep you tossing and turning?

Well, you might not be dreaming or chasing ghosts – bed mites and dust particles are real and they might be making you sick! Very few people are aware of their sensitivity towards house dust mite allergens found in most beds and mattresses. Sensitivity to house dust mite allergens have a negative impact on your sleeping comfort and on the quality of your sleep.

The Bed Shop’s, exclusive Dynamic Bedding range in South Africa has a specially designed fabric treatment called PurotexÒ. Purotex® protects you and your family from dust mite allergens that trigger allergic reactions. 

But how does PurotexÒ work? Purotex® applies revolutionary technology based on 100% natural probiotics. Fabrics treated with Purotex® use microcapsules that contain probiotics and reduces the amount of house dust mite allergens by 89.3% two weeks after application. The probiotics are a 100% natural remedy against allergenic sleep disrupters. Thanks to friction between your body and your mattress or pillow, the microcapsules burst open and start multiplying. They absorb humidity and starts cleaning up allergens to create a fresh and clean sleeping environment.

With The Bed Shop and Dynamic Bedding you can sleep tight knowing the bed bugs won’t ever bite again! Now, the only thing you have to worry about are the monsters under your bed…

One lucky reader can stand a chance to win a queen sized base set. Firm Multi-turn bed with a seven-layer foam core that prevents painful pressure points and is highly resilient, yet follows body contours for total body support. Finished with Purotex® – nature’s own probiotic technology. 

Just answer this easy question: What is the technology called to combat allergies in Dynamic Bedding beds?

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