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Sleep 101

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A crash course on the subject of sleep...

As the newest members of the grown-up club there are a few important things that you will need to master before being admitted as an honorary member of said club. Please note that club badges are invisible and can only be ‘seen’ by other honorary members. First up is mastering this thing we call sleep.

Why is it necessary?
While we, and by ‘we’ we mean the scientists, still know very little about what happens to our bodies while we sleep and why we need a rough eight hours of it, ‘we’ do know that our bodies go into repair mode during this down time. Think of it as a reset button if you will. As a student one of the most important things that happen during sleep is the consolidation of information. When we receive new information, and you receive a lot of new information as a student, it first needs to be processed before it’s logged and recorded from our short-term memory to our long-term memory. Those smarty-pants scientists have also found that after we’ve received sufficient sleep we humans perform much better during memory tasks and retain information better.

It’s time to sleep.
We know university is exciting. We’ve been there and we got the t-shirt, unfortunately (or maybe fortunately?) we don’t have the selfie to prove it, just the degree and certificate. Eight hours of sleep is a lot to ask of someone that has just had their first taste of freedom, but trust us on this YOU NEED IT. During those eight hours, your brain goes through different sleep cycles of which the deep sleep cycle is when the most recovery happens. Your time spent at university could be notoriously sleepless, but by establishing a healthy understanding on the subject you will reap the rewards for the rest of your life.

Here’s a kicker – you can’t really catch-up on sleep.
So, you pulled a few all-nighters and now you’re planning on catching up? It’s not that easy. Racking up sleep debt is easy, but getting rid of it… not so much. One snooze fest after a big party or an exam cram is not enough to get you out of debt. Instead the medical director at the Harvard-affiliated Sleep Health Centre, Lawrence J. Epstein, suggests trying to add one or two extra hours of sleep to your ‘normal’ sleep routine. Not getting enough sleep can lead to accidents, weight gain, difficulty concentrating, serious health problems and depression among many other things.

Get comfortable.
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