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Time for an upgrade?

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The age of your mattress could affect the quality of sleep you enjoy...

The mattress life of your bed also does not necessarily equal the comfort level it provides over the entire duration. For those wanting an excellent night of sleep it may be time to investigate the purchase of a new mattress from a credible supplier.

Telling when a mattress needs replacing is a bit tricky. Many mattresses lose their optimal comfort levels much quicker than when they look worn out. A bed mattress you may have had over a number of years may look as if you bought it yesterday, but the support and comfort it offers may be considerably less than a new mattress. Much depends on the quality of springs, foam and fibers of the single bed mattress, and of course how well you take care of it.

The necessity for regular mattress replacement is supported by various studies such as a compelling case based on these research findings. A survey on the correlation of mattress age and quality of sleep has found that mattress replacement relates to an excellent night's sleep. The findings of the survey reveal that a better sleep score and a newer mattress resulted in consistently higher sleep satisfaction scores as compared to the use of older bed mattresses.

Apart from the obvious signs of overuse, the following signs are a good indication that you may need a new mattress: you wake up with stiffness, numbness, aches and pains; the quality of your sleep is better when you sleep on another mattress and if you had you mattress longer than seven years. The general rule is that a mattress that has been in use for seven years cannot provide optimum support and comfort required for quality sleep.

The quality of your sleep is critical to your ability to function well. It therefore becomes necessary to evaluate your single bed mattress on a regular basis to determine when your sleep is compromised and to replace the mattress. For the best deals on high quality double, single bed mattresses among others; contact us at The Bed Shop today. As specialists in our field you can expect our knowledgeable staff to be able to assist you with finding the perfect bed at the most competitive price and supported by optimal customer support. Call today.

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