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Sleeping Healthy with Dynamic Bedding

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Quality of life is determined by many factors, a person’s ability to sleep well being of the most important. With ever increasing stress levels the need for rest is vital for a healthy lifestyle and one’s choice of bed is key towards achieving this.

The way in which we live our lives and the demands on our bodies have changed over the years and so there should be an expectation that the bed we depend on to get a great night’s sleep has to follow suit.  Ultimately your bed should deliver a level of comfort that allows you to have a peaceful night’s sleep, comfort however is different for everyone.

Innovation in mattress design has recently become vital to achieving specific comfort to aid general health and wellbeing. Matching the latest technology and innovations with the evolution of modern man’s lifestyle is the principal motivator behind mattresses designed and manufactured by Dynamic Bedding (Pty) Ltd.

Advances in coil technology have allowed for the development of lighter yet sturdier mattresses, while new raw materials such as Gel Memory Foam ® and Latex® provide exceptional comfort and support by dynamically molding to your unique body type while managing your thermal environment throughout the night. Proper posture support can eradicate tossing and turning at night, relieve pressure points, and reduce morning aches and pains. Foam mattresses offer good posture support, while Pocket Coil systems can prevent movement transfer.

Modern textiles such as Bamboo® fiber, Aloe Vera® microfiber and Purotex® treatments found in Dynamic mattresses utilize the power of nature to fight bacteria and allergens within the mattresses to provide long lasting hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial and non-toxic sleeping surface. 

Authentic, South-African made mattresses offer benefits that imported brands don’t. Besides economic aspects such as lower prices, readily available beds, better quality materials and building the South African economy; locally made beds are custom made to suit the South Africans market with its specific preferences, needs and climate.

In short, to experience the health benefits of a great night’s sleep, make sure that the mattress matches your Custom Comfort level and supports your evolving lifestyle.

“Dynamic Bedding, established in 1994, manufactures and distributes a wide range of bed bases and mattresses through its national network of 120 retail stores operating under the brands The Bed Shop and Bed City, in South Africa, Namibia, Botswana and Zambia. Dynamic Bedding’s manufacturing facilities located in Krugersdorp just outside of Johannesburg.” 

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