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Single bed buying basics

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When The Smaller Sized Bed Makes for a Smarter Choice:
Buying requires thought and consideration. If the space in your home and your budget are serious factors when furnishing your home, these smaller bed models might be the perfect option for you. Single beds are designed to use less room space, and are more affordable when compared to the bigger sized beds. You will also find these conveniently available with great deals for affordable online beds currently being marketed.

The unique space saving feature of single beds make them perfect for children’s rooms, the guest bed room, dormitory rooms or studio flats. Smaller sized beds are also a great money saver when considering bedding and accessories, which are naturally cheaper when bought in smaller sizes. Buying affordable online beds undoubtedly offer convenience and great value for money!

A good night’s sleep is essential in performing productively the next day, whether at work or at school. Research tells us that one third of our lives are spent in bed, provided we get in the recommended eight hours sleep during the night. Quality single bed frames come in a variety of shapes and styles, plus our products are ergonomically designed allowing for a better quality night’s sleep.

Comfort is critical! The comfort provided by the single bed of choice for you impacts on your health. The mattress, which forms the heart and soul of a bed, should be soft yet firm and shape the contour of your body. The advanced range of safety features of affordable online beds include Side support and Dynamic Wedge circumference support, Zoned beds with full back support, Visco Elastic Memory Foam beds with Latex foundations and Multi-layered High Density Foam beds.

When it comes to the life span of your single bed, it is dependent on a variety of factors. These include: quality, how you care for your bed, and the amount of use. An occasional spare bed does not get the same wear and tear as a bed that is used daily. Lifestyle changes such as weight gain and ageing may also necessitate a change in bed.

Single Bed buying makes for the smarter choice and is made simpler by affordable online beds. Contact The Bed Shop today to place your order or visit us online for more information.